Introducing InsuraSync

Ensuring tenant submitted
Certificates of Insurance are
Compliant with lease covenants
has never been so easy.

Underinsurance in property is a growing global challenge,
says latest Swiss Re sigma study.


Develop tenant insurance requirements based on lease review

Create online Tenant Insurance Portals

Collect current tenant Certificates of Insurance (COI)

Compare submitted tenant COIs to Tenant Insurance Requirements

Work collaboratively with tenant to correct deficiencies

Maintain tenant insurance compliance to Lease Covenants

Report tenant insurance status to client administrators

Tenant Insurance documents are maintained by the system through a process of automated and manual notifications to the tenant.

Enhanced Due Diligence for Board

Visibility to tenant compliance with lease insurance requirements

Visibility to subrogation status for insurers

View, share or print COIs from anywhere there is an internet connection

Centralized, consistent review of tenant COI submissions

Client administrators can focus on exceptions, which drives engagement

Fully insured against errors and omissions, further mitigating risk

Less than 30% of initial tenant submitted Certificates of Insurance show complete compliance with stipulated insurance lease covenants.



Don't find out you are underinsured after an incident occurs. Protect your property investments by ensuring tenants are properly insured with InsuraSync

Whether you are a commercial Property Management company or a REIT with an industrial, retail and/or office portfolio - or a bank securing multiple mortgages that require insuring, we have a solution priced right for you.

Call us and let's get started.